Author: Frank Scozzari

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Dotting the United States are sixty-one nuclear power plants. Heavily guarded by specially trained personnel, one of California’s largest nuclear centers is targeted by a group of terrorists. Aided by an inside man, the extremists plan to seize the reactor and scatter radiation to the winds wreaking havoc the world over. But this harsh reality is lost on security guards Cameron Taylor and Grace Baker. Despite the best efforts of their supervisor to keep them diligent, the two see their job as nothing but a monotonous chore. So when they temporarily abscond their post for a romantic tryst, the terrorists seize their chance. Grace and Cameron are then pitted in a battle against time and all odds. Has the renewed commitment to their post come too late? Exposing the vulnerability of the nation’s nuclear reactors, The Wind Guardian is a realistic and disturbing thriller from four-time Pushcart nominee Frank Scozzari.