Author: Jack Smith

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What Fred and Rose West did for decades before getting caught in their house on 25 Cromwell street, nicknamed the HOUSE OF HORRORS, goes beyond anything anyone could ever imagine...As a society, we are fascinated by murder. It is a constant theme throughout much of our media and many news outlets will prioritise a murderous story, knowing that it will enthral readers. There is something about those who decide to take a life that makes them so incredibly interesting to the rest of us. While many of the most famous murderers are known across the world, there are those whose crimes are relatively less known. One of the strangest stories involves the married couple Fred and Rose West. Together, they killed. Up until the time they were caught, they engaged in a string of murders, each motivated by hate, jealousy, passion, and a fundamental lack of morals.

In this book, we will go in-depth and learn about the history of the murderers. We will examine Fred and Rose’s early lives, their relationship, their personalities, and will ultimately try and discover what it was that drove them to become two of the most notorious killers in the history of the British Isles. Though their crimes made front page news at the time, few people outside of the country know the extent of their criminality. In this book, we will learn exactly what made their killings so infamous.

For those who are in any way interested in the depths of human morality, the Wests represent some of the most depraved and sadistic murderers to have ever lived. Not only did they prey on unsuspecting young girls, but their attentions were even turned towards their own daughters. In a case involving kidnap, rape, and murder, Fred and Rose went beyond the realms of what many of us consider possible as people. Read on to learn exactly what drove Fred and Rose West to become two of history’s greatest monsters.

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