Author: K.E. Fontaine

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: February 15, 2016

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In the first part of the Wanderers series we get our first glimpse at the post virus world. We explore the real life struggles of two teens growing up in the harsh landscape of the world in crisis. Jules is 18 and finally settled in a compound with her group after a long hard road behind them. She is safe inside but threats loom all around them from the dead and the living.
Nate is on his own after his Dad disappeared, will he go out into this new world and take his chances? Or will he play it safe?
Find out in the first part of the Wanderers series!About K.E. Fontaine
K.E. Fontaine is a sci- fi enthusiast, after years of horror movies, Stephen King Books, and the Walking Dead he has decided to write his own version of the zombie apocalypse. He is currently working on the rest of the series in his home in Portland, Oregon.
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