Author: Mimi Barbour

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Partners: Introduction short story.Action-packed crime thrillers of two people forced together as Partners. Aurora Morelli's a cranky, hard-nosed detective and Kai Lawson's a purse-carrying cop. They both want to get the rapist. Only thing is, she wants to put him in jail, and he wants him dead.

Roll the Dice: Full-length story.

Roll the Dice is a powerful romantic suspense about two detectives with differing agendas - yet after the same rapist. Aurora doesn’t put up with slackers and Kai doesn’t put up with sassy women. Their antics will grab your interest from the beginning and you’ll have to read to the surprising end. Great characters and compelling conflicts will keep you entranced.

Vegas Shuffle: Short bridge story.

Fast-paced and suspenseful, Vegas Shuffle is the perfect short story to keep you involved in the lives of the Vegas Series characters. Pregnant, and furious at Kai Lawson, the missing fool who got her in this condition, Detective Aurora Morelli grudgingly accepts a new gal to be her partner on the job. And… she’s met a new man, Jeff Waters. Can he replace her baby’s daddy? Is he man enough?

High Stakes Gamble: Full-length story.

Being a new mom has made all the difference to Aurora getting over the pain of Kai’s abandonment. Until some wacko steals her baby. Rather than shoot Kai when he shows up at her door—though to it was close, they work together to try and save their daughter.

Spin the Wheel: Short bridge story.

A wedding, a bank robbery and a night of hot sex all take place in this short bridge story between High Stakes Gamble and Let it Ride. Lisa Jordan is now responsible for her orphaned three-year-old nephew and no man can come between her and that obligation. However, the tycoon Jeff Waters keeps making her question her decision.

Let it Ride: Full-length story.

Lisa Jordan’s life has changed drastically since she arrives to work as a detective in Vegas. Her new female partner is a pit-bull. Her sister passes on and she becomes guardian for her three-year-old nephew. And she sleeps with a millionaire casino owner who’s kidnapped. After their steamy night together, she’s forced to take the case. Her heart never gave her any options.