Author: Nicola Monaghan

Category: Mysteries

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Three friends. A dark secret from their past. An internet troll threatening to tell the world.Welcome to THE TROLL; the creepy, page turning psychological thriller series from the prize winning author of The Killing Jar. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl and CL Taylor’s The Lie.

Louisa is an academic at the local University, Kelly is a radio presenter and Adam is a provocative modern artist. They’ve been friends forever and to outsiders, their lives look like the very definition of perfection. But they have secrets and a past they’d rather leave behind.

When SickMan appears in their social media feeds, it’s easy to dismiss him at first as a jealous internet troll. But it turns out SickMan knows them. He knows what they did that summer.

Can it really be Gary Bukowski, their old friend, back from the 'dead', the way it appears to be? Or is the truth even stranger than it first appears?

A tense, gripping read that will keep you guessing right till the last page.

Praise for The Killing Jar

"A shocking glimpse of Nottingham gangland" (Christina Patterson Independent)

"A wonderful novel... I am full of admiration" (Alan Sillitoe)

"A powerful, loving and honest new voice" (A.L. Kennedy)

"A wrenching look at devotion, crime and violence." (Publishers Weekly, starred review)

"Utterly gripping reading about a "dead stormy" coming-of-age." (Booklist, starred review)