Author: The Treasure of Croesus

Category: Mysteries

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After an international fight between the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Turkish government, the Lydian Horde, part of the Treasure of Croesus, is returned to Turkey from New York. Yet within months of its repatriation, the most important part of the treasure goes missing. Was it sold on the underground antiquity market to Carlo Buschi, the former owner of the villa where Lily Bilbury slogs day and night as a maid?
The third book in the Sweet Delicious Madness series finds Lily holding down the fort, waiting for Brandon’s return and trying to deal with the mysteries surrounding Ca’ Buschi. She’s also dealing with her ex, who, to her chagrin, is carrying on with more than one woman. The last thing Lily needs is to deal with the crisis of a large group of cats who have nowhere to go. Feeling as if the world is piling on, Lily meets her challenges head one, and solves a mystery that will set an innocent man free.
One part mystery, one part chick lit, and a handful of delicious Italian recipes!
It’s all just another day at Ca Buschi.