Author: Kerry J Donovan

Category: Mysteries

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Before the accident …
Frank Brazier has the perfect life. A contract to drive for a Formula 1 team. A supportive family. A stunning girlfriend.
On the surface, everything is great, but Frank keeps a secret. On race days, Shadow-man visits. He sits on the nose cone of Frank’s racing car, or floats above the grandstand, waving taunting, distracting, eating away at his concentration. An accident in the making.
After the accident …
Frank starts hearing voices. Strange voices. Impossible voices. He’s losing his grip on reality and Paula, his sister, is dying. Doctors say she is brain dead. They want to pull the plug, but Frank knows she's still in there, fighting. He can hear her calls.
A day later…
Shadow-man speaks. He says Frank can save Paula, but can Frank pay the price?