AUTHOR: William J Coughlin

CATEGORY: Suspense



DEAL STARTS: 2016-08-06

DEAL ENDS: 2016-08-06



Description : Eight seemingly disparate locations are all linked by one terrifying killer… Is it the Stalking Man?Lieutenant Anthony Russo has caught the Stalking Man once before, and although his attempt to get the killer jailed was foiled by the man’s defence lawyer.

Instead, the Stalking Man is now securely locked away in a mental hospital.

Or is he?

Because suddenly it seems that the Stalking Man — or somebody very, very like him — is torturing and killing women across the country, spelling out clues to his identity in a gruesome game.

Russo recognises his old enemy’s modus operandi, but getting his superiors to believe that the Stalking Man is back, is another matter entirely.

Fortunately, Russo has his down-to-earth and resourceful sidekick, Rosinski, to help him.

And this time, it seems, the Stalking Man has personal scores to settle – with Russo and his lawyer.

Once he has finished his gruesome slaying of women, he will turn his attention to them.

But as the body count rises, the Stalking Man seems to become more twisted and violent with each new victim.

And with every woman he kills, the Stalking Man draws closer and closer to Russo.

In a high-octane, terrifying climax, the Stalking Man and Russo meet face-to-face once more, in a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse, where the stakes are very high indeed.

But will the Stalking Man succeed in wreaking his hideous revenge, or will the forces of justice prevail?

Only Russo, it seems, can determine the final, deathly, outcome…


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