Author: David Booker

Category: Science Fiction

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The inventor of the world's first teleportation device has been savagely murdered. Global Inspector Burt Campbell must uncover who killed the infamous inventor before it's too late. As he delves deeper into the case, mysterious happenings begin to occur. Spirits seem to be controlling deadly objects in order to viciously attack him and others. But who is behind the attacks? According to the teleporter computer, the spirits are taking orders straight from the inventor's ghost. The only person with the answers to these unnatural events is the inventor's beautiful assistant, Penelope Preston, but she has secrets of her own. As the only person to have successfully gone through the teleportation experiment and survived, Penelope knows exactly what Burt is after. And he's after much more than her knowledge. While the number of murders continues to increase, Campbell discovers that Penelope has special, unbelievable abilities - abilities that could save her - as well as destroy her if military intelligence uncovered the truths. Now, it's up to Campbell to protect Penelope before their greatest enemy destroys her - and his heart.