Author: Russell Moran

Category: Science Fiction

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The Skies of TimeBook Two of the Time Magnet Series. Ashley and Jack aren’t the average couple of married naval officers. They’re time travelers (yes, they’ve done it before), and they were about to encounter a time portal or wormhole—in the sky.

“Are you ready, honey?” I asked Jack.
“Honey? Hey, Ashley, you're an admiral. Aren't you supposed to call me ‘lieutenant’ or something?”
“You're my husband, dammit, and I'll call you whatever I want – honey.”
“Aye aye, sweetheart.”
As they launched off the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, Ashley and Jack thought they were on a simple public relations flight dreamed up by the Pentagon to celebrate Ashley’s promotion to rear admiral, making her the youngest flag officer in the history of the United States Navy. The flight would also publicize their story-book marriage.

“Moran has a wonderful way to weave fact and fiction. And when the facts include major historical figures, it becomes that much more of a compelling read.”