Author: Pamela Cable

Category: Literary Fiction

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“This inspirational tale thrills with a tight plot, lyrical scene descriptions, and complex characters. Pamela Cable leaves readers aching for more.” ~ Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the Christy Award winning novel, Into the FreeOn a November day in 1946, Neeley McPherson turned five ... and accidentally killed her parents. Thrown into the care of her scheming and alcoholic grandfather, she survives by her quick wit, and the watchful eye of an elderly black man, Gideon. In 1959, as equal rights heats up the South, authorities accuse Gideon of stealing a watch and using a Whites Only restroom. Neeley, now thirteen, helps Gideon break out of jail. With the infamous Catfish Cole on their trail, the pair flees to the Blue Ridge Mountains and take shelter in a wolf sanctuary.

"I would compare The Sanctum to Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. Set in the deep south during the Civil Rights Era, this book tackles such issues as racial discrimination and abuse." ~ Kimberly A. Liston-McCabe