Author: Claire Willett

Category: Science Fiction

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When Regina Bellows, a Jr Agent at the Time Travel Bureau, uncovers a massive conspiracy designed to start WWIII, she and her friends must risk everything to travel back from 2112 to 1972 to stop it."An incredible adventure that is impossible to put down!" - Tim Kring, Creator of HEROES

"...cleverly complex, almost Escher-like." - Oregon ArtsWatch


United States Time Travel Bureau

Chronologist Regina Bellows is great at her job. As a junior agent at the U.S. Time Travel Bureau she finds dangerous time anomalies caused by reckless time-travelers (basically cleaning up other people’s messes) from the comfort and safety of her desk. She knows her lack of social graces and verbal filter would make her a liability in the field.

When she accidentally uncovers a massive "chronomaly" in 1972 about a far-reaching plot to start World War III, she embarks alone on her first field mission ever - as an undercover secretary at the Nixon White House - where the race is on to find the conspirators before they find her.

She’s undertrained, inexperienced, all alone, and World War III is hanging in the balance.

What could possibly go wrong?