Author: Jeff Rivera

Category: Science Fiction

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The Resurrection Gene is the first book in a Science Fiction Adventure series. They said it was impossible ... Reanimation of dead tissue could never be done ... They were wrong ... And now, the dead are arising. Attempts to reanimate dead cells had been happening for decades.  But all experiments had been a complete failure. Or were they?  In a race against time, bounty hunter Harrison Quaid must band together with a beautiful genetic scientist and her mysterious grandfather who has walked right out of the history books, to stop an evil mastermind from using this technology for mass destruction.Although a work of fiction, this sci fi adventure, THE RESURRECTION GENE, has been researched extensively drawing upon the expertise of geneticists around the world to create a fast-paced, high-voltage, intense story that intermixes history and real-life conspiracy theories into one hell of a thrill ride.