Author: Roberto Ricci

Category: Fantasy

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The Fantasy Series that's taking the throne away from vampires and wizards!Over 100,000 reads on Wattpad!
Sold and translated internationally!

"Our world is different from yours. What matters here is your Chrome."

In an ancient world divided by colors (“Chromes”), where everyone wears masks and superstitions abound, frightful creatures called Harlequins exist. Here, Asheva, a 14 year old Chrome of the Black Nation, will see his world crumble underneath him, as events too big for his age will force him to run away from his native city of Axyum.

A new journey will take him to lands with different colors and different ways from the Black. Yet with the journey, new discoveries will be made and unexpected dangers will be faced. From a desperate escape through the hills and forests of the Black Nation to the vast Blue Plains of the city of Ayas, Asheva will learn to face the dangers of the wilderness but also to face the even more dangerous nature of the Chromes, including the worst accusation a Chrome can be charged with.

Only then he will realize that beneath the masks that all Chromes wear, nothing is what it seems to be.