Author: Faith Parsons

Category: Historical Romance

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A WOMAN WHO WON’T BE BULLIED. Ruth Winslow has finally married off her three younger sisters: she’s free to find a husband of her own. She wants a man with a good heart and a big dream. A man who will treat her as a true partner in marriage. But all the men she’s met in Boston want a woman who’ll say yes, dear and not much else. So she registers to become a mail-order bride.

A MAN WITH A SISTER IN DANGER. Garrett Richards is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t--his sister Elise married the bank’s loan officer so Garrett wouldn’t lose the family ranch. But Garrett suspects that Elise’s husband abuses her, even though Elise denies it. When he can't convince Elise to leave her husband, Garrett struggles to make his late parents’ ranch profitable so he can pay off the mortgage. He believes that once Elise’s childhood home is safe, she’ll leave her miserable excuse for a husband.

After Garrett misses a payment, Elise’s husband gives him an ultimatum: pay up in three days or I’ll evict you and your new bride.

Garrett’s between a rock and a hard place, but now he’s got Ruth in his corner, and she’s about to come out swinging--not realizing that Bradford is willing to cheat, steal and murder to get his way. Even Bradford's own son isn't safe from his father's fury.

Can Ruth and Garret protect their family from Bradford's thugs long enough to expose his evil machinations?