Author: Lily Zante

Category: Contemporary Romance

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When a high flying career woman meets a sexy, struggling artist at her sister's bachelorette party, she has no idea just how much her life is destined to change.Nadine Stefano has no time for relationships; she is fiercely independent, career-driven and her life is about reaching her career goals. She has set herself certain milestones to reach at different stages of her life.

None of these include love.

Having been recently promoted in the cut-throat advertising firm where she works, she needs to make a good impression on her boss.

Working on a report at her sister's bachelorette party, Nadine meets the gorgeous Ethan who is one of the dance troupe performers.
She finds herself strangely attracted to this handsome young man who oozes sex appeal by the gallon.

A few weeks later the company Nadine works for are holding their annual convention at a luxury hotel away from home. Not having a date to take with her, and wanting to present the image of a settled and happy woman in a relationship, Nadine resorts to calling Ethan to ask if he will accompany her and pretend to be her boyfriend for the weekend event.

When Ethan agrees, Nadine finds irresistibly drawn towards him in a way she never imagined. Their attraction for one another is electric and Nadine’s world is changed forever now that Ethan has walked into her life.

Nothing is easy though what with company politics and devious characters that stand in their way.
Will their meeting lead to love, despite seemingly different career choices, or will Nadine dump Ethan in order to pursue her career goals?