Author: Zoe Matthews

Category: Contemporary Romance

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"The Promise of a Family" is now available in a boxset. You can get all five books at almost a 50% discount! The boxset is called "Orphan Train Romance Series."Lydia finds out at her father’s deathbed that he has arranged for her to marry the son of an old family friend, Clinton, who owns a cattle ranch in Maple Grove, Texas. At first, Lydia rejects the idea, but then certain circumstances happen that make it so Lydia decides to honor her father’s wishes and goes through with the marriage.

Five years later, Lydia and Clinton discover they will not be able to have children. They hear about an orphan train that will be arriving in Maple Grove. They decide together to adopt a baby or young child.

But on the day the orphans arrive in their town, they discover there aren’t any babies or young children available. Should they adopt an older child? And if they do, will they be able to deal with all the problems that can go along with adopting older children? Will Lydia and Clinton get their promised family?

If you love inspirational historical westerns, then The Promise of a Family, the second book in the Orphan Train Romance Series is for you!

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