Author: Darlene Jacobs

Category: Erotic Romance

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There is no man he can't beat, and no woman he can't bed. Meet Bad Boy Roman; also known as, THE PRETTY. A light-heavyweight MMA fighter known for his crippling blows in the ring, Roman got his nickname, The Pretty, for dominating the ring without a scratch to his face. Roman has a following of men who want to bask in his presence, and women who only want a piece of The Pretty......the highly endowed piece.What Roman wants, Roman gets.

That is until secretive, curvy-sensation, Tuesday came along. An Ivy Leaguer who has taken over the gym management after her uncle's passing. Her tastes are platinum, standards high, her secrets, many.

The Pretty assumes Tuesday would be just another easy lay. He thought wrong. This one was a 'tough to impress' bitch, and that makes him want her even more.

Finally, a crack in her stone-cold veneer gives Roman hope. But what happens next defies the laws of the universe and the rules of love and lust.