Author: David Clarkson

Category: Action & Adventure

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Forced to get a job to extend his stay in Australia, Matt finds himself in the remote outback town of Birribandi. He arrives expecting to make sacrifices, but is relieved to discover sex and alcohol are both as easy to come by as they were on the coast. There is just one problem – his new boss.Rhett is as merciless as the desert sun and he intends to make the backpackers in his charge work for their keep. He also plans on taking a cut of the money they earn via his illicit side business of selling drugs. The young travellers vow not to get involved, but when one of the group inadvertently crosses the old man, they all must face the consequences of this cruel and vengeful criminal.

The Outback is a horrific exploration into the dark side of the traveller’s dream. It is also a story about finding friendship and love in the toughest of circumstances. When the line between paranoia and superstition becomes blurred, absolutely anything can happen...