Author: Wolf Specter

Category: LGBT

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The alpha his pack needs...When his father and older brother die in a car crash, Charles Preston is left to step in as the pack alpha and pick up the pieces of his broken pack. With his father's business to run and a pack on the verge of tearing itself apart due to infighting, the last thing Charles needs is another complication, which is exactly what fate brings him. He meets an omega who is perfect for him in every way...if only he weren't also the son of one of Charles' political enemies, a man who has vowed to stop at nothing to remove him from power.

The omega he secretly desires...

Omega Hayes Kensington comes from the upper echelon of pack society. All his life, Hayes has known that one day his father will sell him to the highest bidder for an advantageous political mating, but Hayes can't stop thinking about the alpha he met with the amazing eyes, the one he knows his father plans to kill.

Their forbidden love...

Both shifters know their love is risky, messy and will possibly lead to both of their ruins, but some things are worth the risk. When another complication arises, one they hadn't anticipated, Charles and Hayes discover there's someone else whose future they also need to fight for: their unborn child's.

The Omega Complication is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with NO CLIFFHANGERS, containing star-crossed love, assassination attempts, conspiracies, a HEA epilogue, and male pregnancy, or Mpreg.