Author: John Stone

Category: Mysteries

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Detective Mike Williams is depressingly messy whereas Detective Lee Su Yuan is as neat as a pin. Together they are the “Flaw and Order” team.Four dogs keep a small crowd of bank customers at bay while two thieves help themselves to the content of two safety deposit boxes. They make out with a wad of money and two extremely valuable items that had been lost during the Second World War: a Faberge egg and a necklace worth millions. That same day the bodies of two old ladies are discovered in their apartment. They gave the keys to the safety deposit boxes to the thieves. Mike and Yuan together with the robbery team unearth several clues indicating that the ladies were former Nazi surgeons who performed odious procedures on their victims. The Faberge egg and necklace seemed to have been their payment for service rendered. As for the dogs, the trainer points the Flaw and Order team to a man who brought the dogs in his kennel to be trained in crowd control. It turns out that the necklace belonged to a Prussian princess who was killed after giving it to one of the Nazi surgeons who was killed in their Philadelphia apartment. Mike and Yuan finally nab Werner Gruber, one of the surviving brothers who murdered the old ladies. His brother is in the wind. The necklace is recovered, but where is the Faberge egg? Will it ever be recovered?