Author: J. C. Skye

Category: Erotic Romance

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‘Erotica: The New Clause – Erotic mystery of Lust and Passion (XXX, Erotic Romance, Erotica Short Story with Seduction and Hardcore Sex)’ is a collection of two very sexy but heart-warming novella-length erotic fantasies.‘Naughty Claus’ is a captivating story about the wife of the infamous Santa Claus. She finds herself in a tangled web of lust and deception...or is it love? When something goes wrong, she and her lover end up making things right and saving Christmas in the process.

In ‘Breaking the Rules’, Samantha Jacobs takes her boyfriend Jeff home for Christmas. Jeff isn’t too excited about being stuck in her parents’ house for an entire week, and is really pissed off when he finds out that he won’t be sharing a room with Samantha. Staying with her parents is one thing, but not getting any sex is another.


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