Author: Leonard Wibberley

Category: Literary Fiction

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In Leonard Wibberley's classic political satire, a tiny backwards country decides the only way to survive a sudden economic downturn is to declare war on the United States and lose to get foreign aid - but things don't go according to plan.The Mouse That Roared was made into a successful feature film starring starring Peter Sellers.


"As funny as it is charming."
- The New York Times

"Along with his beautifully cockeyed humor, his lovely faculty for needlesharp, ironic jabs delivered where they'll do the most good, and his nice talent for storytelling, Wibberley has serious things to suggest and he suggests them admirably."
- San Francisco Chronicle

- Christian Science Monitor

"Fantastic, uproarious farce ... Taken as a plea for sanity in an era that often makes no sense Whatsoever, The Mouse That Roared has a lot for readers to ponder."
- Saturday Review

"An enchanting performance. Wibberley has further polished his sound and pleasant style, whose unruffled simplicity points up the humor and contributes a good deal of our entranced suspension of disbelief."
- New York Herald Tribune

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Books 2 through 5 are best read after The Mouse That Roared, but all of the books can be read and enjoyed at any point in the series.

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Book 2: The Mouse On The Moon
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