Author: Jason Brannon

Category: Horror

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The world is filled with misfits. The world is filled with the misunderstood. Enter the shadowy underbelly of society where the outsider is king and learn why the Death Angel visits a small town year after year. Discover how an old collector of clocks holds the keys to Armageddon. Play a deadly nocturnal game called 'Follow the Leader' and try your best to stay alive. Visit a church of snake-handlers who insist on introducing a visitor to their god. Learn about a group of scarecrows who reveal their true nature to the farmer that made them.In this collection of creepy, suspenseful short stories, Jason Brannon leads you into the darkest corners of the world, shows you what lurks there, and leaves you to find your way out, using only your imagination and courage. Read stories like “The Fourth Key” which has appeared in magazines like Post Mortem and been featured at The Untold Podcast ( and learn what sorts of doors those old, unfamiliar keys on your keychain might unlock. Journey to a music conservatory in a sleepy, seaside town where an exhausted string quartet finds themselves under seige by a host of oceanic horrors, forcing them to play their instruments in perpetuity or die horribly. Or make a pit stop at a wayward gas station out west and discover what happens to visitors who inquire about the station's owner, Mother Mary.

If you enjoyed Stephen King's Night Shift or Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man, this collection of horror and dark fantasy is for you.