Author: Grace Scott

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What's The Next Thing You Want to Buy?We all have heard of the phrase "Money can't buy happiness", but what we don't realize is a lot of us are under the control of the media and advertising industry, and have been fed by the idea that having more materialistic possessions can help you experience a much happier and a more fulfilling life. This obsession with having fancy clothes, nice cars, or bigger houses has distracted many people from being kind, friendly and respectful to each other. The materialistic mindset has also caused a large number of people to get into serious debt, which leads to financial stress that jeopardizes a person's health and well-being.

In this book, Grace Scott will introduce us "the consequences of materialism", and how materialism can have a terrifying impact on us. She will also give us exact steps we need to take in order to be free from this materialistic society.