Author: Shirin Derakhshani & Saeed Derakhshani

Category: Action & Adventure

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Silk Road merchant Persicus’ life is turned upside down by an elderly one-armed man who entices Persicus to join him on a quest to find the legendary Lost Treasure of the Silk Road. But bandits, betrayal, and bottomless pits are the least of his troubles.

Taking advantage of the fall of the Persian Empire, evil King Salman leads his army of cutthroat bandits to conquer the ancient Sogdian enclave of Mishin. Strategically located on a major Silk Road trade route, this tolerant city of Zoroastrians welcomed all peaceful people and together they resisted centuries of attacks by the Islamic forces that destroyed the Persian Empire.

On the eve of King Salman’s attack, Persicus finds himself in the royal palace of Mishin. Can he summon the knowledge accumulated from a life traveling the Silk Road across the Asian continent to protect the benevolent King Ormozd against Salman’s undefeated Turanian Army while trying to win the heart of the woman he loves?