Author: Evan Ronan

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CAN A WHOLE TOWN BE HAUNTED? HELP! COULD BE…Eddie McCloskey, the novice ghost hunter of THE UNEARTHED, the powerful first entry in this chilling supernatural thriller series, now finds himself, not in a haunted house—that’s familiar territory--but seemingly in an entire haunted town!Well, just terrific for a guy who’s lost everything that’s important to him, including his freedom! The perpetually unfocused younger brother of a tragic family, he’s been so careless as to get busted for pot and packed off to the Big House.

Trying to restart, he’s only found himself once again in the supernatural soup. Or so say the locals. The story goes like this: A dead girl slipped on the ice a few years ago, no one could save her, and her ghost won’t rest. Oh, sure, thinks Eddie. Yet, ever soft-hearted, he gets drawn back into another ghost-hunt by the dead girl’s sister.

But hold it here—could this thing be a hoax? Maybe not-- in an Eddie McCloskey occult mystery, there’s going to be paranormal activity, and lots of it—terrifying noises, spooky moaning and wailing, scary footprints where there shouldn’t be any, freaky dropping temperatures—all the chilling horror tale touches that make up a spine-tingling ghost story.

But if it’s a hoax, then why? What's the point of such an elaborate fake haunting? In this one, Eddie functions as private investigator as much as ace paranormal expert. Half the fun’s trying to figure out if the supernatural shenanigans are real or phony.
Categories: paranormal ghost mystery series, paranormal hauntings, paranormal mystery series, mystery paranormal private investigator, paranormal private investigator, haunted house series, haunted house mysteriesTo be notified of the latest and upcoming releases and receive special offers on Evan's books, sign up for his newsletter here: Q&A with the author, Evan RonanQ: How would you describe The Eddie McCloskey Series?A: Fast, fun, often scary books that are all a little bit different and span genres. The Unearthed is more a slow-burn horror story with elements of mystery. The main character is Eddie McCloskey, who grows a lot as a character throughout the series. He’s great fun to write.Q: Did you always want it to be a series?A: No! The Unearthed was supposed to be a standalone. But a few years passed and I found myself wondering what Eddie was up to. It didn't take long for that question turn into this story, The Lost. As a character he was perfect for a series because he had so much room to grow.Q: What does it mean to you when readers buy your books?A: It’s the ultimate compliment. I might never be a best-selling author, but the feedback from readers I’ve gotten is wonderful. It’s really touching when you look at someone’s Amazon profile and discover their first review of anything on the website is your book. They not only bought the story, they went out of their way to tell others about it. And it's even better when they buy one of my sequels - that means they enjoyed the first book and are willing to go on this trip with me.Q: Why do you make each book in the series a little different?A: For my own sanity and to keep the readers guessing as to where the story will go. The Lost is a suspense thriller. The Accused and the Damned is a paranormal legal thriller. The Hysteria is a paranormal action thriller. The Traveler is a murder mystery. I love putting Eddie in different situations, so he’s out of his comfort zone in every story. That makes for compelling fiction.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

"A terrific supernatural chiller from an underappreciated writer." - Adrian McKinty, critically-acclaimed author of the Sean Duffy crime thrillers, writing about The Unearthed