Author: Jennifer Shriver

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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“the loss of A Mother’s loss” is a thought provoking memoir from a fledgling new author, Jennifer Shriver. Shriver takes her readers through her life, much of it painful and sad. Her thoughts and narrative are raw and sensitive drawing in the reader so much that the reader finds himself or herself in the story. When tension is in the writing, the reader feels it, a rare quality for a new writer. Her relationship with her Father is nonexistent and with her mother confusing and barbed. She tries to get along with her sister but finds it impossible. While all of this seems depressing and sad this author treats her readers to a meaningful side of life as she finds her way.
This is a fascinating story of perseverance and the will to overcome. Organized in a beautiful way with segue ways that flow like a manuscript of a seasoned writer. I enjoyed this book, this intensified look at the family member that just seems so different to belong. For me this was a wonderful story that needs some editing to attain 5 stars. I hope this new voice will let us in on more of her stories. Her talent is just surfacing so I look forward to reading her next book.