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Gregg Russell shares with you the secrets that only millionaires know about money: how to make money, how to create money, and how to have money work for you instead of you working for your money.Even learn how to create your very own Lifetime Money Machine!

We are entering a new era, where to make money you will no longer be able to buy something for $1 and wait for it to double to $2. The new age will require you to do something, to add value, to create something. Property will not be the answer for the next generation of 20 and 30-year-olds today. Baby boomers are also in for a shock. Their manic obsession with property and debt is about to end badly.

All of us, young and old, need to learn that Retirement is not an Age, but a Formula, and that success in life is not tied to birth, but to behaviour.

Gregg Russell
Author, The Lifetime Money Machine

This book will teach you:
• That you are CEO of your own company, ME Incorporated
• How to start from nothing using the CALM Money Principles
• To build your BODI of Ideas for Businesses, Opportunities, Deals, and Investments
• How to separate your assets into the Wealth PIE
• How to categorise your income into the Income PEA
• How to build Income Assets to provide Passive Income using the IP Link
• The model used by all millionaires, The Millionaire Model
• How to analyse businesses based on the Business MAP
• The GOLDEN rules for property investment
• The 5 Freedom Factors for your financial freedom
• How to create your own Lifetime Money Machine
• How to set your own SMART Targets to live the life you want
• That Retirement is not an Age, but a Formula

You can totally transform your financial future, achieve financial security and freedom, retire early, and create your own Lifetime Money Machine.