Author: Josh Law

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Marie Avalon, a private investigator, is sent to Colorado to undertake the curious case of a hit-and-run victim coming back to life days after the pronouncement of his death. But as the case progresses, Avalon uncovers mystery after mystery, surprise after surprise – far beyond her imagination could reach. Is she ready for the biggest shock of her career – or to be more accurate – her life?A mystery of life and death, a cradle and the grave…

As Marie Avalon discovers more about the Lazarus Syndrome which had just piqued public interest in the small town of Durango, a part of her past is also unearthed from its dusty, almost forgotten origins. How will the Lazarus case shed light on her present? Is it going to change her future?

And what’s the story behind the death of the resurrected boy, Nicky?