Author: Willem Jong

Category: Mysteries

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Everyone deserves a second chance - But when you are this broken, can you ever be put back together again whole?After suffering a breakdown which forces him out of the military, Chris Blake is now a heroin addict, living day to day on the streets of Portland. His fellow junkies talk of being kidnapped and subjected to experiments in a strange machine which seems to be searching their brains for something.What would anyone want with the brain of a drug addict?Soon, it's Chris's turn. However he doesn't get returned like the others. He's a keeper.His shadowy kidnappers offer to transform Chris into a kind of real-world super human. Not just cure his addiction and return him to normal. They will make him better than normal. Much better. But what do they want in return? Why him?His training takes him across the globe, from Australia to Japan, from Canada to California. From Zen meditation to mixed martial arts, Blake is slowly transformed into an elite killer.But there is no such thing as a free lunch and soon Chris realizes how they want to put his new found abilities to work.Soon, however, it becomes obvious that he hasn't wound up here by chance.Join Blake, as he slowly pieces together the confusing jigsaw of his life and finally understands the events in his past which have been, until recently, just partially suppressed fragments.??? In this taut thriller by Willem de Jong, the question is posed - With sufficiently advanced science at your disposal, can a broken man be fixed?