Author: Heather Awad

Category: Literary Fiction

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The Girl with The Blue Umbrella is Heather Awad’s debut collection of observational and thoughtful poems. A very readable collection that covers a whole variety of themes around everyday life, and what it is to live and be human. Relationships, the passing of time, memories, longings and change, as well as a range of human emotions are depicted in the verses, which range in length from a few lines to a page or two. Heather Awad has a lovely way of conveying what she has noticed, experienced and felt in a simplistic and understandable, but at the same time profound and thoroughly observant manner. This makes The Girl with The Blue Umbrella a great introduction to poetry for those new to it, or for those preferring less cluttered language.

A beautifully written, life-reflective, thought-provoking, thoroughly readable debut collection that will entertain and inspire any poetry lover.