Author: John Toro

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May and Sara are BFFs. And they both harbor a fascination with death as both of their parents have died. There have been rash of dog attacks where they go to school and on the way home from a night class the women are attacked by a werewolf...One of the girls is bitten and begins to show signs of becoming a werewolf as they both struggle to find a cure.tags: werewolf novella, werewolf books, werewolf horror, werewolf human mates, werewolf rule, werewolf rising, werewolf shifters, werewolf series, werewolf teen books, werewolf and shifters, werewolf books for teens, werewolf breeding, werewolf for teens, lycans, lycanthropy, lycanthrope horror, lycanthrope blood ties, shapeshifters, shapeshifter fiction, shapeshifter wolf

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