Author: Karin De Havin

Category: Fantasy

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Deal starts: September 10, 2016

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Jen is a seventeen-year old girl who gets average grades and has a boring normal life except for one thing—she is a human chameleon.She can transform herself into any inanimate object she touches. An ability she’s hidden from everyone, especially her parents. After all she is just an average girl so no one would believe she could do something so extraordinary. That is until she meets Ainsley, a handsome artist at a gallery showing. His painting are so beautiful and lifelike Jen wants to jump inside them and become one with the fantastical worlds. When they go out to dinner after the gallery opening, Jen senses there is something special about Ainsley too. He has a secret just like hers.

They’d make the perfect couple—if only his secret wouldn’t kill her

**This episode ends on a cliffhanger **