Author: Ruby Jones

Category: Mysteries

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This is NOT your typical Cozy MysteryAli is just a normal girl from a small town in Maine. She is the owner of a local bar called The Full Cup. Everything is great, and everyone is safe in her perfect little town; that is until one day when her trusty cat Carl finds a dead body in the bathroom of her bar.

Who could have done this, and why in her bar? She thought she was safe, but all that changed after that horrible day. After she gets home that day she receives a mysterious call saying; "Ali, how much do you know?" He then says, "It would probably be best if you said nothing." She is shocked, scared, and confused. Who was this mysterious man, and why was he calling her? Little does she know that this creepy caller would not stop in his attempts to spook her. Ali had no idea how the things would turn out, but one thing is for certain; this murder case was bigger than she could ever have imagined. Join Ali As the local police team up with the FBI as they try to uncover the culprit of the heinous crime. Will Ali and her trusty cat be safe?

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