Author: Drew Scott Pearlman

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Your life is in session, are you present? Are you going through the motions or living with passion and purpose?In The Four Faces of Transformation, Drew Scott Pearlman shares timeless wisdom and practical strategies to guide you on the path to inner peace and personal power.

Drew breaks down the inner journey of transformation into four easy-to-understand archetypes. These archetypes are known as the Four Faces.

The Four Faces reside within you. They are the Stranger, the Addict, the Visionary and the Lover.

These faces can keep you trapped and rob you of your power. Or they can be the key that unlocks your greatest happiness and highest purpose.

“I am here to tell you that there are no limits to what you can do, except for those that you impose on yourself. You already come equipped with everything you need for your inner journey.” Drew Scott Pearlman