Author: Ruth Aharoni

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Welcome to this book that unfolds for you the Fool’s Journey to Wisdom with the twenty-two Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, which represent stages in the journey of the spiritual wonderer, who walks through the Fool’s path.Ruth Aharoni is a spiritual teacher for thirty years, and defines herself as a helper of the seekers to create their own reality. The cards of the Major Arcana, the first twenty-two cards in a Tarot deck, are tools which help developing self-awareness and spiritual growth. Each card has a spiritual meaning and a message to transfer, thus each card is used as a spiritual guide. In addition, according to the Kabbalah, each letter of the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet has a powerful energetic and strong spiritual significance, and the combination of the cards and letters is very meaningful, deepening the understanding and the insights. (It is important to note that the interpretations of the Hebrew letters given in the book are especially for those, who do not read or know Hebrew at all.)