Author: Greg Krehbiel

Category: Literary Fiction

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Cross The Time Traveler’s Wife with a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, add the concept of a multiverse and you have the origins of The Five Lives of John and Jillian. What would happen to star-crossed lovers in an alternate universe? John and Jillian seem destined to cross paths and
fall in love, but every time they meet the story is different, and malevolent forces intervene to keep them apart.In The Witch's Promise, cynical John meets and falls in love with a beautiful Wiccan. His orderly, rational world comes apart as he's confronted with a world of tarot card readings, pagan revelries, waking dreams and visions. In The Witch's Bastard their relationship takes a turn for the worst and John struggles to keep his distance and his sanity. What God Has Bent takes us to happier times in the lives of the young lovers, but a dangerous secret from Jillian's past threatens to derail their future together. In Pipe Dreams, John is sliding into depression and alcoholism from his grief over the death of his love. Now the mysterious discovery of his grandfather's pipe has awakened something in his mind and he's begun to have lucid dreams, which have progressed to daytime visions that threaten to drive him mad. Can he find the secret of the pipe and reunite with Jillian? A Collision of Worlds wraps up the stories with John and Jillian seemingly enjoying a happy marriage, but a secret force conspires to drive them apart. And Jillian's life is on the line.

From reviews ...

About The Witch's Promise - "Krehbiel delivers another page-turner in The Witch's Promise, a surprisingly fast-paced romance sure to appeal to the more patient fans of Twilight and other tales of the genre that offer a beauty-and-the-beast adventure to the curious. Some are fascinated by vampires, others by werewolves; The Witch's Promise will tempt you to fall in love with a Wiccan, a modern-day witch."

About Pipe Dreams - "... an entrancing thrill ride from page one. Orwellian undertones set the scene while a casual vernacular accelerates this page-turner into hyper drive. For fans of adventure, science fiction, or just a casual read, this book is not to be missed!"

"If you enjoy a Twilight Zone type of story this one is for you."