Author: Harmon Cooper

Category: Science Fiction

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Ready Player One meets Sin City meets Sword Art Online -- discover why the thin line between dream and reality is pixelated in this action-packed sci-fi series!
While trapped in The Loop, a virtual entertainment dreamworld, Quantum Hughes struggles to free himself from a glitch that forces him to re-live the same day over and over.Everything changes after Quantum receives a mysterious message from a woman named Frances Euphoria, the first human player he has made contact with in years.

Once Frances appears, members of the Reapers, a murder guild, begin surfacing in The Loop, hoping to capture Quantum, or worse - kill him.

To further complicate matters, The Loop itself is doing everything it can to stop Quantum from escaping.

With time running out, will Quantum break free from The Loop before he's captured or killed by the Reapers? Who is the mysterious Frances Euphoria, and what does she actually know about how long Quantum has been trapped in the virtual dreamworld?