Author: Angelina Miller

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Newborn vampire Samantha and her lover and maker, Richard, are a new breed of vampire that can live and hunt in broad daylight. They are equally feared by human hunters and vampires alike because of their unique abilities.As a newborn vampire, Samantha has much to learn about her new life, including her amazing new abilities and her insatiable need for blood. Richard educates Samantha in the ways of the vampire in the streets of San Francisco. In its restaurants and nightclubs, and in its dark and twisting alleyways. Night after night, they hunt society’s throwaway people, not knowing that they are being hunted as well.

The ancient vampire hunter Lazarus has been tracking Richard for the last 50 years. When he first heard of the day walking vampire, he believed that he was only a myth. But as Richard’s kills began to pile up over the years, Lazarus quickly realized that he was very real and that he was a true threat to humanity: A vampire who could walk in the sun was a vampire who could hide in plain sight. But when he discovers that Richard has created Samantha, Lazarus fears that Richard is building an army.

After Lazarus viciously attacks Richard and he barely survives, the young couple goes on the run, hoping to outrun a killer hell bent on destroying them and their love.

Please Note: This book contains Adult Language & Steamy Adult Activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only.