Author: E J Henry

Category: Horror

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One isolated village with one deadly secret and one empty graveā€¦1818, England

Euan Creghan is lost at sea off the Isle of Man.

But no body has been found, and so there has been no burial.

Therefore, his spirit will not rest...

Almost 200 years later, Ed Donovan, a mariner in the merchant navy, is on a ship hijacked by Somali pirates.

He becomes the negotiator and, as a result, is witness to horrific events.

Traumatised he is sent to a clinic to recover.

And there he meets Mary Connell, suffering from her own demons, and they fall in love almost instantly.

Eventually Mary discovers that a distant relative has left her a house in their will, on the provision that she goes to live there.

Needing a fresh start, she and Ed decide to move to the Isle of Man.

But almost immediately, strange things start happening.

The villagers seem to still be obsessed with the disappearance of Euan.

And Ed begins to suspect that the past is haunting the present with terrifying consequences....