Author: Gary Martin

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Deal starts: June 19, 2015

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Detective Troy Dance is attacked and nearly killed when he inadvertently films a murder.
Troy dreams of a time when as a boy his closest friend committed suicide. The dream is disturbing and doesn’t make sense.
While in a coma something invisible moves about his hospital room.
Troy wakes to find that he is a paraplegic. He does not deal with the news well. He feels that his life is over. It is not long after going home that he begins to believe that his wife, Trina, will soon cheat on him. He feels powerless to stop her until he discovers a supernatural power inside himself.
Trina Dance, Troy’s wife wakes one night to see a young girl outside her bedroom door bleeding profusely. She turns to call up to Troy. When she turns back the girl is gone.
Tommy Waters, Troy’s former partner and close friend, discovers some disturbing news about Troy’s past. Confronting Troy, however, is a bad mistake that leaves himself and Trina fighting for their very life against forces that they don’t understand.