Author: Kerry Donovan

Category: Mysteries

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An eclectic collection of short stories from the fuddled mind of Kerry J Donovan.The Collection includes over two dozen stories ranging in length from fifty word micro shorts to a full-blown novelette. Comedy, drama, crime thrillers, romance, true-life tales, gory horror, historical epic—you’ll find samples of each.

The hauntingly evocative semi-autobiographical tale, Sweet William, and the poignant, The Phone Call, are stories to tug the heart and bring tears to the eye.

In The Long Wait, Ryan Chisholm has spent seventeen years waiting to revenge the death of his father.

A Father’s Tale is a heart-warming story of family life told in short vignettes.

At over 7,000 words, The Chamber is the longest in the book, and perhaps Kerry’s most gruesome tale. Psychopath Porter Robinson holds Robert Forbes captive in a cellar and tells him a tale from Porter’s childhood. Will Forbes survive, or will he go the way of countless other victims? This is definitely not for the people of a timid disposition.

If you enjoy your fiction in short bites and read across many genres, The Collection is certain to delight.