Author: Alex Gilove

Category: LGBT

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Brett Harper is the kind of lawyer that you would want fighting your case even if you knew that you were guilty.
He is just that good. He built himself one of the best law practices in the big city New York but that came at a price, a love life or lack thereof. But all that changes when a new client came into his life.Luke Jones, who finds himself facing a barrage of charges from money laundering to fraud, and a list of additional charges that even he doesn’t understand.
Drake, Luke’s boyfriend, is the guilty one. But Drake says he loves him, and he has promised to pay off whoever needs their palms greened to get Luke off. With Drake’s track record and history of priors, Luke is just the better fall guy.

It is a dangerous game, but there really is very little that Brett will not do for the man grows to love. With Luke facing jail time, is Brett willing to bend the law to get him out?