Author: Emmanuel Sullivan

Category: Fantasy

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Cociel couldn’t take it anymore. Like all the other mice on the Reservation, he was ruled by the tyrannical cats of the Kingdom, especially their so-called Prime Minister, the brutal and greedy Whiska. But all the other mice were terrified of taking action, and for good reason: Cociel’s own mother had been jailed, as so many other mice had been.But when Cociel finds out that Whiska plots to take over a portion of the Reservation and use it to hunt mice, he is determined to save his people from feline oppression. Whiska is required to run for election, but the elections had always been a sham because Whiska was the only candidate.

Now, Cociel enlists a book nerd parakeet, Mr. Byrd, to be the mice’s candidate and champion. Together with the enterprising pig Piggles, they set out to ruffle the fur of the feline Establishment and win a political revolution.

Yet Whiska, supported by his royal ally Strip, isn’t going to leave without a fight. Mr. Byrd finds himself in a dungeon, awaiting a trial that will never take place. Can Cociel and Piggles save Mr. Byrd? Or will Whiska’s reign of terror crush the hope for a better mice future?