Author: Sue Wyshynski

Category: Mysteries

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Shivering, I wind my arms around my ribs.
That's when I see him.
Dr. Hunter Cayman. The man the town has been whispering about. The man no one really seems to know. The man my father despises.
His startling, magnetic intensity pulls at me so hard that I can't seem to look away.After her mother died under strange circumstances when she was just five, Aeris Thorne and her father were left searching for answers. Now a young woman and recent Juilliard graduate, Aeris is finally beginning to create a stable place for herself in the world.  But when she meets Hunter Cayman, who she later discovers suffers from a past more painful than her own, the balance she's found begins to slip. Instantly drawn to his mysterious amber eyes, and confused by the pull she experiences whenever he's around, Aeris decides to investigate further. What she learns will startle her beyond words: a shocking historical event that still haunts its survivors, a decades-old secret society, and a foreboding truth that binds Aeris and Hunter together. As she follows the mystifying trail, Aeris will uncover clues to her own tragic past, answers she never thought to find--and a love she can't resist despite the dark troubles it brings.  "This is the epic book everyone will be talking about." -- Scott Lisetor, crew The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Godzilla