Author: Robert Grey

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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THE POWER OF A VILLAIN. THE HEART OF A HERO.When happy-go-lucky Phidias Isaac Newman opens a detective agency in the sleepy Highland Falls ward of the M├ęgapolis he isn't sure what to expect.

The Case of the Vanishing Bones? Sounds like a promising start.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, disaster strikes! Together with his partner, Agent Bubble Gum, the Boy Genius is plunged into the recovery of a mysterious (and deadly) stolen artifact--the Afterthought Resonator.

But then something wonderful happens.

Or does it?

Bubble Gum has always known the Boy Genius is ill mannered, uncouth and never listens to others. (Not that she keeps a list or anything.) But now she learns Phidias is harboring a dark secret.

Of forbidden knowledge that unlocks a terrible power... no one even suspected existed.

If you like adventure and excitement with just the right touch of romance this is one explosive ride you will not want to miss. Get your copy of The Boy Genius Detective Agency and let this thrilling tale of heroic adventure begin!