Author: Wesley Cross

Category: Science Fiction

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Between the financial crisis of 2008 and the terrorist attacks of 9/11, global governments have become too intrusive, and corporations too powerful. For most of the world, it’s a time of fear and uncertainty.Except for Jason Hunt. Jason has everything money and status can buy. After inheriting his financier father's fortune, he married a beautiful woman and settled down to live the life dreams are made of.

But when his wife lands her dream job in New York working on human augmentation, Jason feels threatened and suspects criminal activity. Before long his wife’s life hangs in the balance and Jason finds himself immersed in a terrifying world of computer hackers, psychotic killers, and warring corporations.

To save her he needs to embrace technology he doesn’t understand, take over a billion-dollar company without a billion dollars, outsmart professional assassins, and land a contract with the DOD. But even that might not be enough.