Author: Christopher Craft

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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In the future, mobs have evolved to become more organized. They’ve separated from humans and have formed their own society, known as the Biome.The Biome is made up of desert, snow, forest, mountains, mines, grasslands, Nether and The End, and all the mobs live in harmony. The Mobcil, a council of mobs, keeps the peace and discusses ways to improve their lives.In each division of the Biome, strange keys have been found. Each one is of a different material, and no one knows what they do. The mob leaders hold each key as a symbol of their rule, but still don’t know who created the keys and how they were used.This all changes once a lone skeleton, known as Domino, finds a mysterious box in the center of the earth. Black smoke bellows from the sealed box, and the only way to open it is through its eight keyholes…Grab a copy of this EPIC ADVENTURE SERIES Today! And Tell A Friend!