Author: Kody Boye

Category: LGBT

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He owned a big house, a Lamborghini, the things that mattered. For nursing student Jake Althaus, running into mega music producer Adrian Donovan seemed like a dream come true. They got along, had similar interests, great chemistry, aspired both to be working men. . In time they shared everything. A home, a dog, a future—even an HIV-positive diagnosis that to some would damn them to a life of loneliness. But when a cancer diagnosis upends their lives and threatens to destroy the reality of their existence, they will soon come face-to-face with the greatest question ever:Does love conquer all?

Of life, of love, of the inseparable bonds that tie two people together, The Beauty that Is Us tells the story of two men who must use their fractured pasts to keep their futures alive, and their presents from falling apart.